Bill (deaths_answer) wrote,

i call it father....READ IT

Always wrong..without movement
he,the big man, the imprefectionist
sits on pedisel way below
tries to

hatred with time
angerd by the second
wish it will end

dead to all
understood by no one
compelet without..him
tatured and torn
through time and time again
soil covers him, peace finally

well it gonna be a war..between me and him..only time...but what is time..a matter of nothing..i compare him wiht the mentality of a 4 or 3 1/2 year old....with metal problems...its gotten worse and worse after these years..he cant control me anymore..dammit how many time can i say that with out hitting a rage inside cant be held anymore..emotions purest from is rage...or maybe i could be by polor most of my mothers side is..or soemthing else..the mask is off ...its off of good..just need one more push..a over with..i am not bill im someone else...someone i havent seen for a long time...To tring to relax its not never works so i write...o do i gone...

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