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Odd week

This week has been the strangest week ever I graduated this week actually today im done with high school and in sept i start college.. also my computer has finally came in its sweet 17 inch flat screen plasma monitor NAVIDA G-Force 2 plus much more heh went to a copuple grad parties but mine is this coming sunday.. wow its finally over feels alittle strange but now its time to move on in life. The Fem scene sucks females r way to confusing ooo i have a boyfriend but u can be my friend with privileges.. i mean i dont mind but its getting way to complicated.. heh if ya like me soo much then why put not just me but her to through this... o well it will work out it always does. i bought a new PS2 my old one was starting to go not playing any games pissing me off that all it did its all good now..just looking for a car now i found a nice grand an for 700 but i need to get it checked out first thats the least of my concerns. through my nice connections in radio and politics i might be getting a job for a local radio station The EDGE 103.3 doing promotionals like movies, concerts and more.. i hope i get it that would be the most sweetest thing i could ever do besides getting paid to sleep heh well thats it for this week

Bill signing out
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