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Well this has been by far most the most interesting weeks i have had in a long time.. first i met amber, we talked and things progressed, then i met Lindsey, again we talked and things progressed.. now Lindsey and amber both like me but Lindsey and i really arent made for each other, the aspects that arent there, the personality and humor...amber on the other hand is the completely identical in personality humor and everything and anything else.. this coming friday i am supposed to meet amber at her house and then were going to Continental for a show, i really cant wait..our mannerisms are soo close its not funny, and it seems like we have known each other for a very long time.. i hope things progress even further then what it is right now

I still havent found a job and i put in at least 5 applications in a day, with me getting the car, haveing my phone bill, and other non-accentual things its starting to get tight
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